H2 evaluates all transactions based on the fit with our investment criteria. In case we do see a fit, we will execute a critical part of due diligence ourselves, as we want to thoroughly understand the industry the company operates in as well as the growth potential and the operational improvement potential.

Our team of investment professionals consist of high quality and high energy individuals with extensive experience in top tier consulting, investment banking and/or management. This allows H2 to conduct most of the operational or commercial due diligence in-house and deliver transactions quickly and decisively.

Together with management, we aim to create a value creation plan prior to transaction, ensuring that management and H2 are aligned on the forward path. During our ownership, we are predominantly focused on the execution and tracking of this value creation plan.

A deal team typically consists of two or three professionals who remain involved with the company from the start of the transaction through to the eventual sale. This philosophy also avoids “potential confusion” between a deal-team and an operational support team as sometimes happens in a transaction environment. Furthermore, we tend to join the Board as a non-executive and don’t use outsiders to represent us. Basically “what you see is what you get”!